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Decommissioning radiochemical analysis


Decommissioning radiochemical analysis


We provide waste characterisation analysis to support client decommissioning programmes. We can also offer a complete solution covering decommissioning, decontamination studies, analytical fingerprinting and waste packaging via our clients’ waste disposal routes.

We are involved in extensive fingerprinting of a wide variety of sample types including but not klimited to brick, concrete, rebar, drain sludge, roof tiles, roof felt, wood, Oil, degreaser residue, grit blast media, asbestos, lead,  aluminium, steel, mixed metal alloys, furnace slag,  ion exchange resins, boiler insulation, floor sweepings, uranic residues, solvents, filter bed media, filters, Rockwool, solvents, diesels, swabs, coupons soft wastes, plastics and miscellaneous other.